Nathan Grigg

Reading feeds in a world of newsletters

I understand the popularity of email newsletters, especially for publishers. It’s a simple way to get paid content out, easier for users than a private RSS feed. But that doesn’t mean I want to read newsletters in my email app.

Feedbin, which I am already using for my regular RSS subscriptions, bridges the gap. As part of my Feedbin account, I get a secret email address, and anything sent to that address ends up in my RSS reader. Problem solved!

But it quickly gets annoying to sign up for newsletters (often creating an account) with an email address that is neither memorable nor truly mine. Fastmail, which I am already using for my regular email, makes it easy to find specified emails sent to my regular address, forward them to my feedbin address, and put the original in the trash.

In fact, Fastmail lets me use “from a member of a given contact group” as the trigger for this automatic rule, which makes the setup for a new newsletter very simple:

  1. Subscribe to the newsletter
  2. Add the sender to my Fastmail address book
  3. Add the newly created contact to my “Feedbin” group

This is very convenient, for newsletters as well as other mail that is more of a notification than an email. Here are some of the emails that I now read as though they were feeds: