Nathan Grigg

Time Zone News

If you like time zones—who doesn’t?—you should check out Time Zone News. Once a month or so, I get gems like this in my news feed:

Haiti cancels daylight saving time with two days notice

The planned change to daylight saving time in Haiti at 2 am local time on 13 March 2016 has been cancelled.

Or this one:

Chile reintroduces DST

Chile’s Ministry of Energy announced today that Chile will be observing daylight saving time again. Chile Standard Time will be changed back to UTC -4 at 00:00 on 15 May, and DST will be observed from 00:00 on 14 August 2016, changing time in Chile to UTC -3.

Chile used to observe DST every year until a permanent UTC offset of -3 was introduced in 2015.

It is unclear whether the time change also applies to Easter Island.